Is Exposed Aggregate The Right Concrete For Your Driveway
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Is Exposed Aggregate The Right Concrete For Your Driveway

Exposed aggregate is decorative concrete that can add a stylish flair to your concrete floors, driveway, patio, walkway, or pool surrounds. It is created by stripping away the top layers of concrete, revealing a stunning array of stones, or aggregate, that lie just below. This concrete style has seen a rise in popularity lately, with many articles and home design blogs online espousing its many benefits. With interest in exposed aggregate rising, we decided to take a look at it and analyze why it’s so popular, explore its pros and cons, and help you discover if exposed aggregate is the right concrete for your driveway. 

What Are The Benefits Of Exposed Aggregate? 

Exposed aggregate has several benefits over traditional concrete: most notably its aesthetic and increase to curb appeal. However, exposed aggregate is also more weather-resistant, is more resistant to wear and tear, has low maintenance, and is easy to clean. In addition, exposed aggregate has a wide variety of colors for both the base concrete and aggregate minerals; this allows for a remarkable degree of customization for your driveway or walkway, making it one of the best concrete to complement any home. 

What Are The Cons Of Exposed Aggregate? 

Exposed aggregate has few significant drawbacks unique to it compared to other concrete. Only two main concerns come with exposed aggregate, and thankfully both can be mitigated with simple maintenance and proper care. Firstly, the aggregate stone within the concrete can come loose with a high amount of pressure or damage and can leave a small hole. This is preventable by ensuring that your driveway or walkway is continuously sealed with a topical acrylic resin. This resin seals in the stones while keeping your driveway looking beautiful, and should be done every few years The other issue with aggregate is that dirt and grime can get stuck around the stones and texture of the concrete. Once again, this minor issue can be significantly reduced with the consistent application of sealer and good driveway maintenance. If you do begin to see dirt and grime build up, a good power wash on a medium to low jet intensity can get the grim out of your aggregate stones easily. 

Is Exposed Aggregate Right For Your Driveway? 

Exposed aggregate can be a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to add more curb appeal, greater weather resistance, and a more decorative finish to their driveway, walkway, or pool surround. It does require some minor maintenance, but not more than any other kind of high-quality concrete. If you want to view our options for exposed aggregate, you can check them out here, or if you have questions about exposed aggregate or any other type of concrete, you can message us here