Decorative Concrete comes in many different varieties. Decorative Concrete is any type of concrete or techniques applied that deviate from standard grey concrete. The types of Decorative Concrete we offer at D&L Concrete services are Exposed Aggregate, Honed Aggregate, Liquid Limestone, and Coloured Concrete. We also offer standard grey concrete, which in the industry is not considered a decorative concrete.

Decorative concrete has many applications – large and small. For most people, the questions isn’t whether or not decorative concrete is right for them. The real question is which decorative concrete is right for them, best fitting their needs, desires, and budget.

Research is the key! You can browse our product range to see the different colour and texture options we offer, you can also view our gallery of completed jobs on Instagram to get an idea of the finished product. You can even ask your friends and neighbors if they have had any decorative concrete installations at their homes. This will not only give you an idea of what’s popular in your area, it will also show you how real world installations work in real world applications. 

You can install decorative concrete almost anywhere. Exterior applications, such as patios, pools, foot paths and driveways are extremely popular.

The costs varies based on many factors. Type of concrete, where the installation will be, project requirements and more. If you would like to obtain a rough estimate before seeking a formal quote you can do so by using our online Concrete Price Estimator.

Decorative Concrete can add a long lasting, low maintenance beauty to your home. Nothing is guaranteed, but it will generally improve you home’s value and appeal.

Nothing lasts forever. But concrete is one of the building materials that has stood the test of time. Decorative Concrete is just as hardy and durable as standard concrete. You can expect decades of beauty and performance with a little bit of tlc.

D&L Concrete Services makes every effort possible to minimise the chances of concrete cracking. We use reinforced mesh for all concrete types, and galvanised mesh in driveways or high load bearing areas for Liquid Limestone. We use saw cuts to create control joints that help to prevent cracking. Our installations are performed to Australian Standards, but while we make every effort possible to prevent cracking, unfortunately this can still occur, and D&L Concrete Services cannot provide warranty on cracks that appear in concrete or liquid limestone. We do however provide warranty on our workmanship.

One of the most attractive qualities of decorative concrete is how simple it is to maintain. Usually only requiring a high pressure wash and an application of sealer every few years. We use premium High Gloss sealant on all of our installations, which can last up to five years before requiring re-application.