7 Ways That Concrete Driveways Can Add Powerful Curb Appeal to Your Home
Exposed-aggregate driveway

7 Ways That Concrete Driveways Can Add Powerful Curb Appeal to Your Home

When looking to add value to your home, what ideas come to mind first? Most people start by racking their brains for home additions that are glamourous, unique, or Bluetooth compatible.

Things as common as concrete and driveways are probably not at the top of your list. However, that’s an unfortunate oversight.

The truth is, there are many ways in which concrete driveways can boost curb appeal and increase your home’s value. Besides that, being common just means that they’re more affordable.

So, how about you? Have you been overlooking the curb appeal value of concrete driveways? Read on to find out why you shouldn’t.

1. Replacing an Unpaved Driveway

Unpaved driveways are basically the worst thing in the world for your home’s curb appeal.

Think of it from a buyer’s perspective. 

When viewing your home, the first thing they experience is a bumpy drive over gravel that spreads clouds of dust all around. They’ll be turned off by your home before they even get out of the car.

So, to make one thing clear, any kind of paved driveway is better than none, even a common, concrete one. Also, there are many types of driveways to consider.

2. Replacing an Old or Ugly Driveway

The second worst driveway you can have is one that’s old, stained, cracked, deteriorated, or just plain ugly. Now, it’s true that some driveways can be repaired or resurfaced instead of gutted out and replaced.

Some driveways, though, are beyond repair. To know which option is best for your driveway, speak to a qualified driveway installation professional.

In any case, replacing your defunct driveway with a smooth, new, concrete one will do wonders for your curb appeal.

3. Prettier Than Asphalt 

Asphalt driveways might be cheaper upfront than concrete. They may even look sleek and chic the day they’re installed. 

However, they won’t stay that way for long. Asphalt driveways get worn and ugly fast. Soon, they will crack and deteriorate, becoming an abominable eyesore.

It’s best to go with concrete. They look better for longer than asphalt.

4. Coloured Concrete Driveways

Choosing a concrete driveway doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the boring, grey colour. You can stand out on your block by laying coloured concrete in front of your house instead. Use this to complement the exterior colour scheme of your home.

This is better in many ways than staining concrete that’s already laid. For one thing, acid-based stains and many other stains are made with dangerous chemicals. These stains can be hazardous to the environment or even to you.

Also, sometimes the stain sets unevenly—bold in some places, washed out in others. But coloured concrete is uniform in colour before it’s even poured.

Another advantage of coloured concrete is that it’s an easier option for homes still being built. Stained driveways require the additional step of staining after the home is completed.

5. Honed Concrete

With honed concrete, you can really make your driveway shine—literally. The process of honing concrete involves grinding down the surface and sealing it with a protective coat.

The result is a prettier driveway that lasts longer and is easier to clean. Plus, it’s more resistant to dust or stains—even stains from chemical spills like motor oil. Even as time passes and shoes or tires tread all over it, your driveway continues to look clean with minimal maintenance.

Also, concrete honing is superior to polishing for outdoor surfaces like driveways. A most notable side effect of concrete polishing is that the surface can become extremely slippery when wet. However, honed concrete can be treated with a (permanent) non-slip solution, so your parked car doesn’t slide into the street every time it rains.

Honing Coloured Driveways

The honing process illustrates another way that coloured concrete is better than stained concrete. That is, you can hone coloured concrete because the colour permeates the entire driveway. In our opinion, this usually looks better than either option on its own.

Honing stained concrete will likely remove the entire stain. Or worse, it will only remove half of it, leaving you with random, accidental splotches of colour. Either way, honing a stained driveway is likely to be problematic.

6. Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate is an additional option you can choose when honing your driveway. If the surface of the concrete is ground deeply enough, the underlying aggregate (small, smooth stones) is exposed. 

This looks significantly more decorative than a big, grey slab, even a shiny one. Besides that, it gives a much more natural look to your manmade concrete driveway. Plus, it adds an extra layer of beauty to coloured concrete, too.

7. Liquid Limestone

Perhaps neither grey nor coloured concrete compliments the look of your home. Often, what you need is a durable, long-lasting driveway that’s as white as marble.

In this case, consider a liquid limestone driveway. Liquid limestone is made the same way as normal concrete but from different components.

For instance, it employs white cement instead of grey cement. And instead of mixing aggregate and sand into the cement, crushed limestone is added instead. The end result is a unique, white driveway that’s more durable than normal concrete.

Add the Beauty of Concrete Driveways to Your Properties

We hope these benefits have enlightened you to the beauty and value that concrete driveways add to any property. More importantly, we want to help you with yours.

Are you ready to install a new concrete driveway at your residence? Or would you like some more information or a price quote? Either way, contact us here so we can address your needs right away.

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